Residential / Boarding

Feeling at Home

ELPS is a wonderful place to live in, an ideal home away from home. For many children, coming to the hostel means living away from home for the first time. Keeping this fact in mind, ELPS has laid a lot of prominence in a building warm, welcoming, home – like atmosphere in our hostel. The caring and understanding hostel staff including the Principal and teachers guide and pay special attention to the hostel students.

The Boarding house has two kinds of accommodations i.e. dormitory provision as well as twin-sharing rooms, which make it a comfortable place for students to study, socialize, and relax making them feel at home.

Our Boarding provides a secure caring environment. The dormitories in the boarding house are spacious, well-ventilated, and well-lit with natural light.

On campus, we have a 24×7 medical facility and prompt access to a nearby hospital in the vicinity. Furthermore, the nutrition of the students is carefully supervised that offers a wide range of dietary options.

The school provides separate residential facilities for both boys and girls on the campus.

Holistic Experience at the Boarding Hostel

Our hostel has a comfortably furnished Common Room with abundant space for socializing. The reading area is stacked with magazines & books, board games, music system etc.

Our Hostels are led by the House Parents/residential staff who supervise and care for our students. They play a key role in our boarding community working more closely for the students’ well-being, progress & success.

Throughout the year, each hostel student participates in various co-curricular activities. Students have an array of activities to choose from like Badminton, Volleyball, Football, Cricket, Basketball, etc.

All the co-curricular activities and fun packed activities take place under the constant supervision of the house parents, coaches and concerned teachers.

Accommodation for administrative staff, teachers, medical attendant and emergency staff is also provided in close vicinity to the hostel. This results in a homely atmosphere across the campus and a secure and reassuring environment for children.

Extra coaching classes are also conducted for the students preparing for various competitive exams.

Facilities for the Boarders

The school has kept individual attention, proper development in all domains and safety & security as our primary focus.

Our boarding culture assures you of the following:

  • Highly dedicated and experienced wardens and residential teachers
  • CCTV surveillance of the entire Hostel compound
  • Nutritious, wholesome and hygienically prepared food
  • Spacious, well-aired and well-lit Rooms
  • High level of cleanliness and hygiene
  • Spoken English Classes and Personality Development Sessions
  • Individual mentoring, and counselling when in need
  • Remedial Classes
  • 24×7 medical assistance
  • Good Health Care
  • Focus on overall growth with individual attention
  • R.O. water
  • Availability of hot water for bathing
  • Excellent Laundry Services
  • Common Rooms
  • Round-the-clock Security
  • Excellent Sports Facilities

Boarders' Weekly Schedule

Wake-up Call5.30 A.M.
Freshen up and milk5.30-6.00 A.M.
Physical Fitness Session6.00-6.20 A.M.
Bathe and Get ready6.20-7.00 A.M.
Roll Call7.00-7.15 A.M.
Breakfast Time7.15-7.40 A.M.
Prayer 7.40-8.00 A.M.
Assembly (Hostel)8.00-8.15 A.M.
School Timings8.30-4.00 P.M.
Report back to hostel4.10 P.M.
Change to Playsuit4.10-4.15 P.M.
Sports Time4.15-5.15 P.M.
Snacks Time5:15-5.30 P.M.
Report for Remedial Classes5.30 P.M.
Remedial Classes5.30- 8.00 P.M.
Dinner Time8.00-8.30 P.M.
English News8.30-9.00 P.M.
Self-Study9.00-10.00 P.M.
Wash and get ready for bed10.00-10.15 P.M.
Lights out and Bedtime10.30 P.M.

Boarders' Sunday Schedule

Wake-up Call7.00 A.M.
Wash and Freshen Up7.00-7.45 A.M.
Breakfast7.45-8.15 A.M.
Relax and Playtime8.15-8.50 A.M.
Prayer time9.00-10.00 A.M
TV/ Phone calls11.00-1.00 P.M.
Lunch1.00-1.30 P.M.
Rest1.30-2.30 P.M.
Games2.30-3.30 P.M
Wash3.30-4.00 P.M.
Self-study4.00-5.00 P.M.
Recreation/TV5.30-6.15 P.M.
Supervised Study6.30- 8.00P.M.
Dinner8.00-8.30 P.M.
English News8.30-9.00 P.M.
Wash and get ready for bed9.00-9.15 P.M.
Lights out and Bedtime9.30 P.M.