Our school

School Curriculum

The Core Curriculum prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is followed from classes I to X.

School Motto

Wisdom and Truth‘ the founding principles of the school which are inculcated into the students from early childhood.
Wisdom – to discern between right and wrong, to apply the right knowledge at the right time, place and manner.
Truth – to be true to oneself and the inherent values of integrity, loyalty, and excellence.

School Anthem & Shield

The School Anthem

The school choir sings the ‘Ode to Joy‘ set to the music of Beethoven as the School Anthem.

The School Shield

The School Shield displays a golden oak tree on a field of blue and red. The golden oak tree symbolizes the wealth of long-lasting knowledge which is imparted into young lives at Eternal Light Public School.
The motto ‘Wisdom and Truth‘ appears above the shield with the acronym ELPS above it.

School Discipline

High standards of discipline without any form of corporal punishment are implemented. The student governing council of captains and prefects along with the House system maintain and monitor discipline. Students also have counseling and mentoring classes.

At ELPS the daily administration of discipline is viewed with a refreshingly different perspective. The Discipline Council monitors discipline in the classroom with a star and card Code of Discipline.
Outside the classroom, teachers adopt the role of guide and mentor while student leaders monitor and implement the Code. ELPS strictly follows the no corporal punishment rule.

The school has 4 houses –
Alexander: Red with a lion rampant and the macaw as its mascots
Olivia: Blue with a rearing white horse and a hummingbird mascots
Trinity: Yellow with a gryphon and the Phoenix
Paul: Purple with a Royal Bengal Tiger and the Peacock

At ELPS the House Council concept consists of House Captains, Prefects, Students, Teachers, and House Mistress.
House Captains and Prefects are invested with responsibilities and are accountable for the discipline of the general body of students on a daily basis.

The House Councils hold a lively weekly meeting to discuss matters pertaining to the House, thereby encouraging participation and decision making. Discipline issues are discussed since all behavior in and outside the classroom is reflected in merit or demerit points for the house.

Students are taught to be collectively responsible to their peers – merit is collectively achieved for the whole house and demerit is collectively censured. The principle of ‘I am my brother’s keeper’ is used where peers regulate each other’s discipline using guidelines from the student rule book.